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Native Player SDK

Design Philosophy

The SDK has three main structures; two classes and an interface.

The BBNativePlayer class only has static factory functions for creating the views that do the actual work.
The BBNativePlayerView class, which extends the platform’s core UI View class (iOS: UIView, Android: View), is what you place in your layout. It offers an API to control the player (callApiMethod) and get/set player properties (getApiProperty/setApiProperty).
Finally, if needed, you make your own implementation of the BBPlayerViewDelegate interface and assign it to the player view in order to respond to events.

When creating a player view, you supply a json embed URL and (optionally) an options dictionary. The json URL is similar to Blue Billywig’s standard embed URL. Its only difference is the .json extension, e.g. . Thus, it supports various content types (clip, playlist, project), and playout configurations.


Getting Started
Android SDK Reference
Android Demo App


Getting Started
iOS SDK Reference
iOS Demo App
Know How: Adding a close button to the modal player view
Know How: How to enable ChromeCast
Know How: How to enable picture in picture and Airplay